GR11 Stage 01: Cap de Creus - El Port de la Selva

We begin the great adventure of the Trans-Pyrenees walking through the magical territory of Cap de Creus, where the Pyrenees merge with the sea

The Cap de Creus Natural Park is the place where the Pyrenees surpass the Mediterranean Sea. This union between land and sea gives rise to an exceptional landscape, one of the great jewels of the Catalan Pyrenees for its great uniqueness and beauty. The first two stages of the GR 11 -the great Trans-Pyrenees crossing- allow us to discover this magical place that the water and the north wind have been shaping for millions of years.

Vajol's Exile Route

Discovering ways where thousands of Republicans fled during the Spanish Civil War to exile in France

This circular itinerary allows us to know the places where thousands of Republican refugees spent their last days before crossing the border into France. The route begins in the small Empordà village of La Vajol and climbs to the Salines massif, from where it crosses the border into the Vallespir to the French village of Les Illes. During the tour we visit various places of Historical Memory while enjoying the magnificent forests of the Salines massif.

Hiking around Requesens Castle

Requesens Castle is located near the town of La Jonquera, in the Alt Empordà, 7 km east of the town of Cantallops.

The edifice is characterized by a triple line of walls, with square and rounded towers, portals and merlons. In the lower court is the chapel, including Romanesque elements from original structures of the area, or of French inspiration.

Santuari de La Salut de Terrades-Santa Magdalena

Short and easy walk, which climbs from the Santuari de La Salut de Terrades, in the Alt Empordà, to the top of Santa Magdalena, crowned with the Romanesque hermitage of the same name.

It is a walk to do quietly in less than 2 hours (round trip), but it offers fantastic views from the highest point: the eastern Pyrenees, which can be traced until they die at sea, the Bay of Roses , the whole Empordà plain and the Salines-Bassegoda massif, basically.

Ruta Pont de Molins

Santa Maria del Roure, or la Mare de Déu del Roure, is an old monastery and sanctuary located northwest of Pont de Molins (Alt Empordà).

Pont de Molins is a municipality in the Alt Empordà region in the province of Girona. Its term is fundamentally flat, with slight relief by the west due to the Sierra de Tramonts. Its population is composed of two nuclei at a distance of one kilometer and the rest are farmhouses scattered by its term.