Réserve Africaine Sigean

You cross the African bush where Red Buffalos, Impalas, Zebras, Springboks, Ostriches, Giraffes

An animal park where the animals are free to wander, the open spaces on offer provide ideal conditions for the animals able to keep their «wild» behaviour.

The Canal du Midi with 10 stops

The oldest navigable canal in Europe.

One of the best options to unwind, explore a territory full of history and enjoy dreamy landscapes is a boat trip through the south of France. Sailing the Canal du Midi is an ideal experience to enjoy with the whole family or share a few days with friends.

Les Gorges de Fou

Legend has it that in these dizzying abysses lived hostile witches and geniuses.

A unique and famous natural place that outlines the genesis of the Pyrenees. Enter the heart of the mountain and its ecosystem. Challenge the myths and legends of the mysterious Canyons de la Fou: the giants, the dragon of the Canigó, the monkeys Monkeys, the bears, the white lady, the bandit thugs on the royal road.

Casal Albera

Prepared to host school camps, special education groups, playgroups, summer stays, language, cultural, religious, sports, business stays, family gatherings.

From the house we organize different excursions in itineraries that we can find near the Casal de l’Albera. We also suggest other leisure, sports and adventure activities or workshops and routes to be specified.

Restaurant Els Fogons de Canadal

Restaurant on top of a small mountain in the natural setting of Albera, near La Jonquera. Mediterranean cuisine, with a modern twist and a lot of love!